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Walkie Talkies


Your company needs walkie talkies and 2 way radios that can handle the demanding conditions of your workplace. Our communication technology offers the most durable, economic, and reliable walkie talkies available on the market today.

When it comes to 2 way radios, you need communication solutions that are durable and can handle your work environment. Our walkie talkies are rated IP67 which means they can withstand being submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This also means they are sealed against dust which means they can last through use in even the most demanding environments. When you use walkie talkies that are this durable, you are making an investment you can count on.

Our walkie talkies are also intrinsically safe. If your work environment has flammable gasses or liquids, you need communication technology that can safely operate without the risk of sparking. Our 2 way radios are up to this challenge. Our communications technology is rugged enough to handle the most challenging job sites and dependable enough to keep you safe on the job.

Our walkie talkies have also been selected with your budget in mind. We offer the highest standards in safety and durability at prices that will work with your budget. Your worksite deserves the best communications technology it can have and our walkie talkies are up to the job. The 2 way radios we sell are also a great choice for people travelling off the beaten path.

If your life takes you miles away from civilization, you need to travel with walkie talkies that can handle those conditions. Our 2 way radios are the best choice for people traveling far from standard means of communication. Whether you are ranch hands or wildlife researchers, our radios can keep you connected even when there’s no cell phone service for miles.

Contact our company today to find out more about our ICOM Radios and Hytera Radios, walkie talkies, and other products. Our experts are standing by to get you connected.

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