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• Boosts voice & data signals
• Works with all Canada’s major networks
• Stronger cellular signal in your home, cabin or workspace
• Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspots
• 75 Ohm Outside Directional Antenna pulls in cell signal with increased gain
• Easy wall mount of booster and inside antenna with brackets and 3M Command Strips
• Antenna also has a kickstand to set on shelf
• Stylish finishes to fit in with contemporary home decor
• 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee



Home MultiRoom, Outside Directional Antenna (314445), Fabric Inside Panel (314440), Power Supply (850018), 15’ (x2) (YX030-15W) and 30’ Cables (950630), Flat Window (951177), Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket, Wall Mount Brackets w/ Command Strips, Cable Mounting Clips (x15).

WeBoost Home MultiRoom In-Building Signal Booster Kit

SKU: 810005960359